What Investors Need to Know About Biotech ETF Investing

Despite concerns over a bubble and regulation, biotech investing remains very hot for investors. It doesn’t hurt that even with the recent sell-off the space is easily outperforming broad indexes so far in 2015. But with added risks, it might be time for investors to consider an ETF approach to the space so that one company doesn’t blow up a portfolio.

Eric Dutram takes a look at the biotech ETF space and some of the key differences between the most popular funds in the space in this video. He also highlights a few factors that investors must consider when they are deciding which ETF is the best for their biotech investing needs.

SPDR SP Biotech ETF:
iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index Fund:
Market Vectors Biotech ETF:
Bioshares Biotechnology Clinical Trials:
Bioshares Biotechnology Products Fund:

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